Sterling Silver Adjustable Oval Ring

R07ER Sterling Silver Adjustable 10mm x 15mm Oval Ring

Sterling Silver Adjustable Oval Ring

The band on this sterling silver oval ring is adjustable to fit different size fingers. The 10mm x 15mm setting takes a few strands of your horse's hair encapsulated in a clear resin. An ideal memento when you don't have access to a lot of hair. As well as horse hair we can also encapsulate most pet hair including dog or cat hair.

Plain round ring

  • Band size: adjustable band
  • Sterling Silver
  • 10mm x 15mm oval setting

Item: R07ER

Price: £37

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This ring is not a fixed size and can be adjusted, but is most suited to sizes L to P. Whilst this is common sense, we would remind you that repeatedly adjusting the size by bending the wire open and closed will weaken and damage the metal, so we would suggest gently squeezing the ring to fit your finger on the first wear and then sliding it over your knuckles as you would a regular closed ring band.


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