Resin Horse Hair Jewellery

example of resin with horse hair

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Resin Horse Hair Jewellery

Resin jewellery and ornaments are the perfect way to preserve the hair of your horse or pet. These resin key rings, bracelets and pendants only require a small amount of hair so they are ideal when you don't have enough for a braided bracelet. Each piece is made to order and the process takes about a week. You can also have letters and small charms embedded in the jewellery.

Our range includes clear resin items as in this photo, and also bracelets and pendants which are made on a silver plated backing as show in the sections below.

Resin jewellery works best with dark hair, light or white hair creates a more subtle effect. As shown in our range below resin jewellery is not just limited to horse hair, you can encapsulate dog hair, cat hair, virtually any hair.

How to Order

Taking care of your resin jewellery

Resin can be damaged by certain things, these include:

  • Hairspray
  • Perfume
  • Nail varnish remover

Take care not to allow any of these substances to come into contact with the resin. We recomend that apply any creams or makeup before you put your jewellery on.

Resin Horse Hair Key Rings

small medium and large resin horse hair key rings. SKRSO, SKRH, SKLTD

SKRSO: small resin horse hair key ring

SKRH: heart resin keyring

SKTLD: large teardrop horse hair keyring

SKRH: heart resin keyring with dogs hair


Resin Horse Hair Key Rings

These clear resin key rings can be made in three sizes: small oval, medium heart and large faceted tear drop.

  • Small oval size: 19mm x 23mm
  • Medium heart size: 34mm
  • Large tear drop size: 27mm x 65mm
  • Small charms can be added on request
  • Dog Paw key ring also available on request


  • Small: £16
  • Medium: £19
  • Large: £22


How to Order


Resin Horse Hair Pendant Necklaces

SPRO: Example of light horse hair in a clear resin oblong pendant

SPRST: tear drop resin horse hair pendant

SPRST: tear drop horse hair resin pendant

SPRO: oblong resin horse hair pendant

SPRMT: Medium Horse Hair Resin Pendant (40mm)


Resin Horse Hair Pendant Necklaces

These clear resin pendants are made to order with your own horse's hair. The small teardrop pendant is faceted and is ideal for small quantities of hair. The oblong pendant can contain long hairs or can be criss-crossed with small hair.

  • Small tear drop size: approx 30mm tall
  • Medium tear drop size: approx 40mm tall
  • Oblong size: approx 65mm tall
  • Prices include chain


  • Small tear drop: £16
  • Medium tear drop: £19
  • Oblong: £20


How to Order


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