Horsehair keyring, gold finish fitting

Horse Hair Keyrings, Bag & Phone Charms

Horse hair jewellery comes in many shapes and sizes, keyring and charms can be made up from smaller amounts of horse hair, charms are ideal for bags and mobile phones. Ideal if you can't take long sections of tail hair. Keyrings and key charms are also perfect for men and women. The bag or phone charm is the ideal small memento that fits in anywhere.

Prices from £7 for the phone/bag charm, £10 for keyrings. Gift boxes are also available.

Horse Hair Keyring

The horse hair keyring can be made with an attached key ring or with a small hook/clasp that can be used to attach to your keys. The keyring can be supplied in silver or gold finishes. This is an ideal gift for men or women and can be made from smaller amounts of horse hair.

For one, two or four hair colours please choose the four strand braid, for one or three colours please choose the three strand braid.

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GKR02: gold finish horse hair key ringSKR01: Silver key ring with small heart charm

Keyring in silver and gold finishes, key charm with clasp in silver.

Horse Hair 'Locket' Key Ring

If you only have a small amount of horse hair and want a keepsake with you all the times, then these 'locket' style keyrings are a great idea. The hair is set in resin within with two halves and sealed. With two different hair colours you have the option of mixing or having one in each side. Available in heart or round designs.

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silver hearr 'locket' keyringround 'locket' keyrings

round 'locket' keyrings in various colours

Horse Hair Bag or Phone Charm

Small but perfectly formed! The horse hair bag charm / phone charm is presented in silver with a fine cord suitable for attaching to bags, phone or iPad cases. A lovely little reminder of your equine friend. Great gift for men and women.

Read how to take hair from your horse's tail >>

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SBC03: Phone or bag charm SBC03: Phone or bag charm

Horsehair bag/phone charm, silver finish.