New ideas, new designs for 2015; a beautiful hand made Dreamcatcher made from your own horse's tail hair. The medium and large dreamcatchers use a traditional woven pattern are bound in real leather and embellished with feathers.

Medium Horse Hair Dreamcatcher

A traditional dreamcatcher design decorated with three horse hair tassles from your horse. The dreamcatcher is bound in leather and also has charms on leather thongs and is decorated with feathers. A small horse's head ornament is in the centre.

Ring diameter 10 cm, total length top to bottom approximately 45 cm. Note that materials may vary, please ask for a photo.

Medium dreamcatchers £35

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Dreamcatcher medium sized - 10cm diameter

Medium size horse hair dreamcatcher 10 cm diameter.

Custom-made Horse Hair Dreamcatchers

Each of our dreamcatchers are individually crafted with a traditional pattern web, the sizes ranging from 10cm to 20cm. The rings are bound in leather or suede. Ornaments, beads, feathers and charms are added as requested. Your own horse hair can be incorporated as tassles or a braid.

Prices range from £35 to £50. Please call to discuss your requirements.

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This dreamcatcher has horsehair wound around the hoop 10cm diameter dreamcatcher leatherbound hoop 18cm diameterDreamcatcher, red suede binding, braided horse hair tassles in the middle 18cm diameter Dreamcatcher, leather bound, verious charms and 4 horse hair tassles 15cm diameterSimple black leather bound dreamcatcher with three horse hair tassles 18cm diameter Double dreamcatcher leather bound hopps with single horse hair tassle 20cm and 10cm diameters

Custom made horse hair dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers, or dream catchers, were made and used by native Americans, it was believed that bad dreams would be caught in the web but good dreams would pass through the hole in the centre. These days you will see them hanging in bedrooms all over the world and small dreamcatchers worn as pendants. Whilst there are different ways of creating the web we prefer the traditional pattern which creates the illusion of everything spiralling into the centre. Feathers and beads are also traditional and we've added horse hair tassles - you supply some of your horse's tail hair and we will add it to the dreamcatcher.