Horse Hair Bracelets

B006 slim bracelet with silver cut-away ornament

B006 slim bracelet with silver cut-away ornament

split horse hair bracelet - ideal if longer hair is not possible

HHJ040SS - sterling silver curved  Tube (made to order)

HHJ041SS - Sterling silver cut-away tube (made to order)

NEW: Sterling Silver Three Scoop Tube

HHJ0xxSS - Sterling silver three scoop tube (made to order)

HHJ0xxSS - Sterling silver three scoop tube (made to order)

HHJ0xxSS - Sterling silver three scoop tube (made to order)

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Horse Hair Bracelets

A custom made horse hair bracelet makes a perfect memento or gift for horsey friends or family. Our bracelets range from slim, elegant, flat braids to thicker round four strand braids. The four strand braids are particularly effective when using hair from two horses in different colours. Bracelets can also have additional beads, letters or charms added if required. Prices start from £26 for a plain braided bracelet.

Below is a selection of styles from plain braids to charm bracelets with individual resin hearts set with horse hair. Each item is made to order so please look through these examples and those on our Facebook page and let us know what you'd like.

Sterling silver bracelet accessories - beads, tubes & charms

Non-sterling silver accessories


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How to Order


About Our Horse Hair Bracelets

Every bracelet is made to order and the design will often be determined by the amount of tail hair and it's length. Design with beads or charms tend to work best with a round, four strand braid. We will always discuss the options with you.

We have a range of beads, charms and ornaments that can be added to the bracelet, these include plain and ornate beads; heart, horseshoe and horse charms and a range of plain and ornate tubes. Please take a look at the photos of the options and also examples on our Facebook page.

horse hair bracelet with three charms

horse hair bracelet with three plain slim beads

horse hair bracelet with block letter name

horse hair bracelet with ornate beads - sterling silver

horse hair bracelet with engraved sterling silver name tags - Call for Price

horse hair bracelet with ornate beads and horse charm

horse hair bracelet with jewelled heart

horse hair bracelet with solid horse shoe bead and letter charms

horse hair bracelet with twisted tube

horse hair bracelet with sterling silver jewelled horse shoe - call for prices

horse hair bracelet with five resin hearts with horse hair and sterling silver heart backing

B02CAV Sterling Silver Bracelet - Ten Round Settings

plain braided horse hair bracelet

Plain braided horse hair bracelet


Horse Hair Bracelets
Plain or with Beads, Charms & Ornaments

We have a wide range of accessories that can be added to your horse hair bracelet. Plain and ornate beads, charms including hearts, horse shoes and horses and plain and ornate tubes. These items are generally plated, we also have sterling silver options.

Please browse through the gallery and select the options you would like. We can mix and match as you desire.

We also have photos of many of the items we have made for customers on our Facebook page.

Prices for braided bracelets:

  • Non-sterling silver ends, clasp and chain: £26
  • Non-sterling silver bead/charm: from £1

  • Sterling silver ends, clasp and chain: £36
  • Call for sterling silver charm prices and sterling silver engraved tag.

How to Order


We also have a wide selection of non-sterling silver beads and charms that can be added to any of our braided horse hair bracelets. >>

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