Taking hair fro your horse's tail

Del Viento Horse Hair Jewellery

Our range of custom made horse hair jewellery is made using the hair from your own horse's tail. Each piece is made to order, designed and finished to meet your personal requirements. Horse hair jewellery is a permanent link with your equine friend and also makes a perfect gift. From Shires to Shetlands we can hand craft a piece for you.

The jewellery is made from your horse's tail hair - just choose your favourite design from our range of bracelets, earrings, pendants and charms. Each piece is braided by hand and made individually to order so you can add beads with initials or charms if required.

Our sterling silver range is ideal if you don't have enough hair to braid. Small amounts of hair are set in resin as the centre pieces of a bracelet, pendant, ring, earrings or stock pin. This range is also ideal for almost any short pet hair.

Our range of horse hair jewellery started life as a way to make personal items from our four Paso Fino horses pictured above. From there we've developed many different designs to arrive at our current range.



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Del Viento Horse Hair Jewellery

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